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The first unofficial Twingo website, created in 1995


   History : All you want to know about the 'real' Twingo and its evolutions (1993-2007)
Specs : Technical data (measurements, performance and safety)
Pictures : Wonderful pictures of fantastic Twingos
Your Page : Discover the Twingo of some happy drivers
Twingo Club Suisse : Pictures of swiss national meetings
Guestbook : Join the 'Yahoo! Group Twingo'
Links : Twingo web links and useful addresses

The TwingoNet is the first unofficial Twingo related site. It was created in 1995.

The TwingoNet is not a Renault advertising. It's not linked to Renault, or any other commercial organization.

You will find here pictures and informations about the 'real' Twingo (1993-2007), not about the new Twingo because it's a totally different car.

Last update : March 26, 2013.

Thank you to Martina Lorenz for hosting the TwingoNet.
Don't forget to visit her site, at